Academic Excellence

Students were recognized for their academic excellence during the December 13, 2021, Board of Education meeting.  Congratulations to the following students on their impressive academic accomplishments!

The following students received their Academic Letters for maintaining an average of 92 or above, consecutively, for four marking periods. 

Kaley Corser
Roman Heinsler
Ella Lewis
Daniel Barry
Bradley Jisa
Elizabeth Whipple

The next group maintained an average of 92 or above, consecutively, for two years and received a Certificate of Achievement. 

Amanda Garza
Lorelei Dillenbeck
Meagan Hardner
Parker Silversmith

A trophy was presented to the following students for having an average of 92 or above, consecutively, for the past three years.

Ethan Gardner
Aasiya Huzair
Maddox Stirk
Jack Whipple