Lyndonville Central School District
25 Housel Ave
Lyndonville, New York 14098
(585) 765-2251

District Population4146District Square Miles65
Enrollment K-12598Public School Students Transported442
PreK 24School District Buildings1
Full Day K 51Private/Parochial Students Transported0
Grades 1-5203Special Education(out-of-district)8
Grades 6-8126
Grades 9-12218
Graduates 48 Total Miles Traveled per year194,305
2018-19 Approved Budget$14,006,982
1 PreK-12 School 2018-19 Average Tax Rate per $1,000$16.34
Professional Full Time Staff72
Professional Part Time Staff1
Shared Services (Technology)2
Support Staff Full Time34
Support Staff Part Time1

Description of Lyndonville Central School District

The Lyndonville Central School District is comprised of one campus including a PreK, K-6 elementary school and one 7-12 middle-high school. A comprehensive educational program is offered to all students, including those needing special education.