Dear Community Members,

In these trying times, I hope you and your family are finding peace and comfort. We sincerely miss the smiling faces of our students each day at school, the pitter patter of small and large feet walking the halls, the concerts, ceremonies, and contests. Our school and community—as expected—have truly come together and we have seen the very best of people. It continues to be a personal and professional honor to serve our students and community as your Superintendent of Schools, and I appreciate your words of support and encouragement.

This pandemic has brought unforeseen challenges to state and local budgets, and sadly, our school is not immune from these challenges. Our state aid has been flat, and is very likely to be decreased over the coming months, while expenses continue to rise. The Board of Education and Administration have put in several reductions already and in the future to control expenditures, while preserving quality programs. We have either reduced or eliminated all professional travel, after careful analysis three positions will not be filled due to attrition (retirement), and we are considering relocating our Pre K program back to our main campus for additional savings. Other savings include reduction in equipment and supplies across all areas.

We have preserved programs in art, music, athletics, and extra-curricular programming—for many students this represents a significant part of their school experiences. Our academic programs will remain steady, with supports for students in reading and math, Advanced Placement and GCC courses, and electives. Finally, the goals of the Strategic Plan remain fully in force.

Should Districts such as ours receive additional state aid reductions throughout the coming year, it will be necessary to review expenditures once again.

The Board of Education is ever aware of the need to balance an exceptional educational program with the needed support from our community, and this budget is a community partnership, with the proposed tax levy under our allowable cap.

Our budget hearing is scheduled for Tuesday, June 2nd at 6 p.m. The hearing will provide an opportunity to learn more about the budget and the necessary cuts that have been made. It will be both live-streamed and recorded. Please check the website for further information, or give us a call, as information could change depending on NYS restrictions.

Finally, this year’s budget and Board of Education elections will be done differently. Per Governor Cuomo’s Executive Order, all NYS schools must mail absentee ballots to the residents and on on-site voting can occur. We will be mailing two ballots per household in the next week. If you need additional ballots or have questions on voting please contact the District Clerk at llamay@lcsdk12.org or (585) 765-3101.

This is truly a unique budget year, if you have questions or concerns please contact me directly at jasmith@lcsdk12.org or (585) 765-3101. You can also text me at (585) 207-3223.

On behalf of our wonderful students, committed Board of Education members, and our dedicated faculty and staff, thank you for your continued support.

Jason Smith, Superintendent