The school and/or district engaged with school stakeholders and community members (e.g., administrators, faculty, staff, students, parents/legal guardians of students, local health departments, local health care providers, and affiliated organizations, such as unions, alumni, and/or community-based groups) when developing reopening plans. Plans for reopening should identify the groups of people involved and engaged throughout the planning process.

Lyndonville Central School District recently conducted a reopening of schools survey. Over 550 family members, caregivers and staff responded with the majority, 66 percent, indicated they believe in-person school should resume in September with new procedures in place.

The Re-Opening Committee met between July 20 and July 31, 2020. Representation was from the following groups:

  • Board of Education

  • Administration

  • Students

  • Employee Associations

  • Teachers

  • Support Staff

  • Parents/Community

  • Buildings and Grounds

  • Technology

  • Food Service

  • Transportation

The school and/or district developed a communications plan for students, parents or legal guardians of students, staff, and visitors that includes applicable instructions, training, signage, and a consistent means to provide individuals with information. Responsible Parties may consider developing webpages, text and email groups, and/or social media groups or posts.

Communication vehicles the district uses to convey information to parents:

  • 1) A Robo Call from the Superintendent – HIGH PRIORITY

  • 2) Paper document sent in the mail

  • 3) Email & Text Alerts

  • 4) Social Media (Facebook, Twitter, Livefeed on website)

  • 5) School Website

  • 6) Local Media & Applegram (school’s newsletter)

Communication vehicles the parents have to contact the school:

  • 1) Text Line

  • 2) Phone

  • 3) Let’s Talk on school website

  • 4) Email

Signage will be displayed throughout the campus reinforcing social distancing, use of masks, proper handwashing techniques, etc.

The District will also develop and implement a survey to determine which communication vehicles are the most effective for families. A reminder to parents to check all platforms they would like to receive the information will also be included.

The frequency of communication will vary depending on methods of instruction: Regular in house – Once/Month; Hybrid – Once/2 weeks or less; Remote – Once/weekly ex.: every Monday

The district will be holding community meetings in August, not to exceed 50 people at a time, and registration will be required to attend. These informational meetings will be held over the course of a few days with multiple times of attendance to accommodate all families. Families will have the opportunity to ask questions and share concerns with the Superintendent, the Elementary Principal and the Middle-High School Principal before opening.

The school and/or district will ensure all students are taught or trained on how to follow new COVID-19 protocols safely and correctly, including but not limited to hand hygiene, proper face cover wearing, social distancing, and respiratory hygiene.

Our school nurse and administration will create, develop and post videos that will be reviewed with the students the opening week of school. The videos will involve students to help make the message more interactive for the student body. The videos will also be posted on the COVID 19 section of the District website.

The school and/or district will provide communications in the language(s) spoken at home among families and throughout the school community. Written plans must be accessible to those with visual and/or hearing impairments.

The website structure is hard coded to be read by a screen reader for those with visual impairments. This includes all headers, menu items, custom pages, Live Feed, News, Events, Documents, Bulletin Board, etc. Every section has this built in. Each photo that is uploaded to the website does have to include alt-text and this action is done by the user uploading the image. This is what the screen reader will read when that image is selected for those with a visual impairment. For any audio/video that is added to the site, we suggest using a streaming service such as YouTube, because they will add closed captions to the video. This keeps compliance for those with an auditory disability.

The District will collaborate with our website vendor to ascertain accessibility for visual and hearing impairments. The District will also work with translation specialists and programs to provide communications in the languages spoken at home among families.

The school and/or district will encourage all students, faculty, staff, and visitors through verbal and written communication (e.g., signage) to adhere to CDC and DOH guidance regarding the use of PPE, specifically acceptable face coverings, when a social distance cannot be maintained.

Using the aforementioned communication plan, the District will ensure adherence to both CDC and DOH guidance. (Please refer to Health and Safety section for more details) We will encourage students, faculty, staff and visitors to adhere to guidance through the posting of signs, regular reminders, public address announcements, and other communication means previously outlined.