Physical Education

Student in grades 5-8 have regularly scheduled physical education classes. All students are required to attend courses of instruction in physical education. The middle school physical education program is co-educational and builds on the skills learned at the elementary level. This course provides students opportunities to gain knowledge and skills necessary to maintain lifelong participation in physical activities. At this level, physical education emphasizes continued development of skills and lead-up games in a variety of activities with a concentration on individual physical fitness. Students are asked to show their skills and knowledge through physical and written activities. As in any class, students not participating or attending are required to make up work not completed in class. When offered, students are encouraged to participate in the intramural and extramural programs. All these are extensions of the physical education program.


Proper physical education requires a change in clothes for classes. Students must provide- shorts and/or sweat or wind pants, full t-shirts or sweatshirt (no midriffs or tank tops), sneakers and socks and a towel for a shower. It is not mandatory for students to shower. Open toed/backed shoes, hiking boots, etc. are not acceptable. Gym lockers are provided for students. Since we have had so many problems with key locks, only combination locks may be used on the gym lockers. Clothes cannot be stolen if they are in a locked locker.

School children are required by law to take physical education. To be excused from physical education classes, a child must have an excuse from a medical doctor. They may be temporarily excused if we have a written request from the parent, and the physical education instructor feels that the scheduled activity would be harmful to the child.