FREE MONEY!!!! Is available for any student who wants to apply for the various scholarship opportunities that are housed in the counseling office. Mrs. Bow has a designated drawer to many countywide, statewide and nationwide scholarship applications.

These particular scholarships have various deadlines and have very specific criteria that may need to be met so the students need to stop by at least once per month to visit the drawer. The counseling center staff will be able to assist the students in their search and are available to answer any questions regarding the scholarships.

Local scholarships are also available but not until the Spring. Some of the available local scholarships are listed below and all students are encouraged to come down to apply once the counseling office receives them. Mrs. Bow will make an announcement when they start rolling in!!


Lyndonville Area Foundation Scholarships

Josie P. Gracey

Mabel I. Stroyan

Directors' Scholarship in Memory of Frank B. Housel

Frank B. Housel


LYMA Scholarship

Keith N. Bane Jr. Memorial Scholarship

Erwin Gouger Memorial Scholarship

Trevor Thomas Cook Memorial Scholarship

Paul Lauricella Memorial Scholarship

Scholarship Links

This site has a great section on scholarships.


Sallie Mae's database that contains over 2.4 million scholarships worth over 15 billion dollars.

Another great place to find scholarship information.

http://www.studentscholarships.org/ This Scholarship Program is provided by StudentScholarships.org, which offers Free Online Scholarship Matching Services to student of all ages.

Scholarship information will appear when the profile is completed.

This is a large search that requires the student to complete a profile. This profile asks for information regarding sports, hobbies and unique characteristics. Campus Explorer is giving away a $1,000 scholarship EVERY MONTH for college-bound students, and we want to make sure the students at L.A. Webber Middle High School know about it. Our scholarship is open to students who are college-bound, so many of your students are eligible to apply … they just need to be at least 16 years old. This is a great opportunity for your high school juniors and seniors, who need financial assistance during their college search. Students can use the scholarship for SAT classes or tutors, application fees, campus visits, and more. Plus, your students who are already taking college courses can use the scholarship for tuition. The best part: Your students can go to our website http://CampusExplorer.com/campus-explorer-scholarships)

The College Search Process page under the Counseling Center also have some valuable web site links for other scholarship searches.