Social Studies

The focus of the middle school social studies program is to assist students in developing the knowledge and skills to socially interact, think critically, problem solve and make informed decisions or responsible choices within their daily lives. Within the context of social studies, students are engaged in the study of history, geography, economics, government and civics. Through this course of study students will view the past to see how it relates to their lives today, research others perspectives, understand the diversity of today’s society, the social issues facing our nation and develop an understanding of the democratic values that make our school and community strong.

Grade 5

The fifth grade social studies program investigates the geographic, economic and social/cultural understandings related to the United States, Canada and nations in Latin America today. These perspectives are built on the history and political content taught in fourth grade.

Grade 6

This course introduces students to world cultures by tracing the growth of civilization. Students compare and contrast political, economic and social institutions of both ancient and modern civilizations to understand and

appreciate the ways of life that differ from our own. Emphasis is on the Eastern Hemisphere and early civilization. Students will also evaluate the influence of geography on peoples through a focus on map and globe skills.