Dear Parents and Friends of the District,

The 2019-20 school year is off and running, and we are so excited to have our students and staff back for another year of learning and growth!

The physical structure of the District is moving along nicely, with the Capital Project nearing completion later this fall. Many of you have expressed your appreciation of the new and safer parking lot design, as well as the revised procedures for arrival and dismissal. Thank you so much for your patience. The locker rooms are nearing completion, the air conditioning is tested and ready, and the new classrooms will be done later this fall. Be on the lookout for a special Open House and be sure to read the full update on the Capital Project in the Applegram, as there is a special message about updates to the championship banners hanging in our gyms.

While the physical structure is important, learning is always our primary goal! With that being said, teachers and administrators are engaging in annual curriculum review early in 2020. This review includes close oversight of the K-6 ELA curriculum, implementation of a new math series aligned to the Next Generation Learning Standards, and a series of interventions and programs designed to provide targeted assistance to students. Our Director of Instruction Sharon Smith is working closely with our Principals and teacher leaders to bring these academic upgrades and improvements to our school.

We have a number of new Advanced Placement courses being offered this year at the high school, including AP Computer Science and AP Biology. Our new Agriculture program is off and running, with special thanks to teacher Jeff Gress and Principal Aaron Slack for their support and leadership.

Parents, have you heard about Math IXL yet? If not, I strongly encourage you to contact your child’s math teacher to learn more! It is a great program that provides instant feedback to children, parents and teachers on mathematical skills.

Finally, thank you for the wonderful turnout for his year’s Back to School night and for your understanding and patience during the capital project construction.

Remember to download our official school app (search for Lyndonville in your app store of choice), follow us on Facebook and Twitter, and reach out via Let’s Talk anytime, or even better, an old-fashioned phone call!

Have a great fall season!