7-12 Academic Programs


jeff kingsbury

Jeff Kingsbury

9-12 Counselor
Email: jkingsbury@lcsdk12.org
Phone: (585) 765-3167

kim nealon

Kim Nealon

7-8 Counselor
Email: knealon@lcsdk12.org
Phone: 585-765-3147


About 7-12 Academic Programs

The 7-12 academic programs have been designed to help all students meet the New York State Standards at high levels and to assist them with long range program planning and course selections that will prepare students for college and/or employment.

With help from the school counselor and teachers, parents and students will be able to select a program that fits the individual needs and interests of your Lyndonville student. Together with the school counselor, careful consideration is given to developing a customized academic program and post secondary plan that provides you with a well-rounded education that is rigorous enough to prepare you to compete effectively for college and/or job placement.

The school counselors will offer the opportunity for annual career and course selection planning For all Lyndonville students and parents. The school counselor will help to analyze individual courses, prerequisites, student goals and interests, clubs and extracurricular activities, and community service opportunities to help every student accomplish their personal, educational, and career goals.

Every student will graduate from high school ready for college success without remediation and for success as a worker and citizen in a global society. We are committed to providing the necessary supports to ensure every student is taking the right classes throughout their high school career that lead to a diploma based on the requirements set forth by the New York State Education Department and the Board of Regents. Within those requirements, students have many choices and options available. For more information regarding the educational programs offered to Lyndonville students please contact the school counselors, Jeff Kingsbury or Kim Nealon.