A photo of all the students and teachers of Lyndonville Elementary School with a gray shirt and holding up a big orange mantle, like their school's colors.

We embrace learning here at Lyndonville Elementary School, and our students and staff are second to none!  Lyndonville Elementary encompasses our Expanded PreK program (starting at age 3) through 6th grade.  We are located within two buildings (Main Street and Housel Avenue).  Our anchor resources include Reading Wonders and enVision math, and we pride ourselves in supporting the whole child.  We prioritize literacy and utilize our growth mindsets, as we continuously work to improve student achievement.  

Our professional staff prides itself on being a professional learning community. Supported by national training and local coaching and support from teacher leaders, our teams of teachers meet weekly to analyze student work and respond to all children by providing reading remediation, enrichment, and continued quality instruction. Our classrooms are active centers of literacy learning and our classrooms and hallways are filled with samples of student work.

Our students are supported by wonderful music, art, technology and physical activity programs. Our state-of-the-art PE for Life program provides climbing walls, Project Adventure elements, and Sportwall and XerDance interactive physical activity technology to ensure all students are active learners who know the importance of healthy choices and physical exercise.

We welcome you to visit our school. Please contact us for more information. 585.765.3122