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eSchoolData Parent Portal Technical Support

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Parent Portal Information

Applying for a Parent Portal Account

  • Click on the above "Connect to Parent Portal"

  • Click on the home page where it says Online Registration

  • Enter the required information on the Account Information Screen, click the “Create Account Information” button at the bottom of the screen.

  • Enter the required information on the Personal Information Screen and click the “Create Personal Information” button.

  • Complete the required information on the Student Information Screen, click “Add Student to the above list” when finished, click the “Finish Registration!” button.

  • A confirmation message will display stating that the Parent Portal registration has been successful. An email will be sent from the school district to the parent/guardian’s email once the account request has been approved.

The Parent Portal provides you with 24/7 access to your child’s academic information. No longer will you have to wait for the mail to arrive. With a parent portal account, you may log on at any time to view information regarding your child’s schedule, grades and attendance. 

A parent portal account provides you with a sort of one-stop shopping no matter how many children you have in the district or which buildings your children attend. The computer does all the work of correctly matching you up with your children and only your children. The family oriented design of the database only requires a single login account for access to information for all children in the family. As you register that new kindergartener next year, their information will instantly be pushed to your portal view with no additional steps on your part as a parent. Making the process so simplified and streamlined means the additional cost of offering this access is virtually zero.

Some of the available information includes:

  • Student schedule

  • Progress Report

  • Report Card

  • Attendance

  • Announcements

In the near future, parents will be able to view and verify household information such as phone numbers, email addresses, etc. Please watch for an announcement when this feature becomes available and directions to electronically verify your information.

We encourage parents to take part in the Parent Portal by submitting a request via the school Web site. Look for a link to the portal login page, and if you do not already have an account, you may sign up for one on the login page.

If you do not have web access at home you can go to the local public library and log on there.