Advance Placement Program


Advance Placement (AP) Courses

(Weighted 1.10)

Advance Placement Courses are the most academically rigorous that Lyndonville Jr./Sr. High School has to offer. These courses are designed to challenge and prepare students for a college environment. A number of studies show that students who take AP courses are much more likely to earn a bachelor’s degree. AP Courses are a valuable introduction to college level work. They provide students with the exposure to both the level and quality of work expected at a collegiate level. The successful completion of an AP exam may afford the opportunity of earning college credit. It is our policy that students enrolled in an AP course will complete a stringent summer assignment prior to acceptance into the AP course.

Upon completion of the course, students are required to participate in the AP exam.

Students and families are encouraged to consult with their school counselor and college representatives as to whether or not Advanced Placement courses are awarded college credits by specific colleges/universities and at what level of performance on the Advanced Placement Exam.

  1. Students who want to enroll in AP courses should demonstrate an aptitude and interest in that particular subject area. Students should have an average of 85 in the subject area during the current year.

  2. Those who enroll in AP courses are required to take the AP exam offered during the third week of May.

  3. Lyndonville Jr./Sr. High School will pay the complete AP exam fee, established by the Educational Testing Service, prior to the exam.

  4. Following the AP exam in May, ALL AP students will complete a Service Learning Project. Students in AP Chemistry will complete the GCC Biotechnology course following the AP exam.

  5. Final course assessments may include Regents or local examinations, portfolios and/or service learning projects.

Advanced Placement Course Offerings:

  • AP English Language and Composition

  • AP English Literature and Composition (with GCC Option)

  • AP Statistics (with GCC Option)

  • AP Calculus AB (with GCC Option)

  • AP Biology (2010-2011)

  • AP Chemistry (2009-2010)

  • AP US Government & Politics (2009-2010)

  • AP US History

  • AP World History (2010-2011)