Absences from School


Policies Regarding Absences from School

When students are absent or tardy, it is the parent's responsibility to call the District Attendance Officer at (585) 765-3162 immediately on the morning of the first day of the absence. If no phone call is received, school personnel will call the parent/emergency contact at home or work to verify the absence.

In order for school records to record a legal absence a written excuse is required of all students when they return to school from an absence or when tardy (in addition to any verbal communication which has transpired). Excuses should also include the reason for the absence or tardiness and the hours missed. All excuses must be dated and signed by a parent or legal guardian.

Early dismissal also requires a note from parents designating time, reason, and means of transportation. Students should be picked up in the appropriate school office.

Only the following are considered by the State Education Department to be legal reasons for absence or tardiness:

  • Sickness

  • Sickness or death in the family

  • Military obligations

  • Approved college visits

  • Required presence in court

  • Religious observance

  • Impassable roads or inclement weather

  • Attendance at health clinics