Student Conduct/PBIS


Student Conduct and the Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports Program (PBIS)

Within the Lyndonville Jr./Sr. High School we strive to live by the Tiger Way. We will be:

  • Respectful,

  • Responsible, and

  • Ready to learn

Living by these 3 R’s will allow us to create a positive learning community that will prepare us for a successful future. We are proud to be Lyndonville Tigers!

The Tiger Way describes Lyndonville Jr./Sr. High School’s vision for the Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports program (PBIS). The Tiger Way includes our school-wide effort to articulate, teach, and reinforce clear behavioral expectations in every part of the school. All desired behaviors fall under one of the 3 Rs: Responsible, Respectful, and Ready to Learn.

The Tiger Way ensures:

  • Clear behavioral expectations for all students.

  • All adults have a common understanding of the behavioral expectations.

  • Students are taught the desired behaviors.

  • Students are rewarded for appropriate behaviors.

  • An RTI team responds when a student does not exhibit desired behaviors.

  • Intensive strength-based interventions through wrap-around for students and their families in partnership with community agencies, juvenile justice, and mental health.

A school-wide systems approach to PBIS is one way to effectively reduce chronic challenging behavior, promote cultures of social competence, and meet the needs of children with significant behavioral challenges. The goal of school-wide systems of PBIS is to create and maintain a host environment that emphasizes the development of a positive school climate, practical policies, well-defined physical spaces, and monitoring systems to improve academic and social outcomes for all students, but especially those who are considered at risk for behavior problems.