Building Leadership Team


Jr./Sr. High School Building Leadership Team

The Jr./Sr. High School Building Leadership Team (Shared Decision-Making Team) is a team of stakeholders comprised of parents, staff, community members and students. This team is committed to implementing the assumptions and beliefs of the Professional Learning Community model to ensure the success of all students.

Through data analysis and collective inquiry, grade level and department teams work collaboratively to develop Professional Learning Plans including strategies that are aligned to the District Continuous Improvement Process. This process enables staff to answer the following questions:

  • What do we expect students to learn?

  • How will we know if they have met our standards?

  • How will we respond if they do not meet our standards?

  • How will we extend the learning for the students that have met/exceeded our standards?

The team works to analyze student achievement, discipline and attendance data and creates plans to improve student performance. Each year, the team sets measurable school goals (SMART goals) and benchmarks aligned to school-wide improvement initiatives. They also ensure that the school schedule is structured to enable teacher and department teams to engage in ongoing collaborative learning. The Building Leadership Team ensures that grade levels are able to quickly access resources and professional development to improve student and staff learning throughout the year. The work is dynamic and ongoing.