Office of Special Education, CSE/CPSE


aimee chaffee

Aimee Chaffee

Director of Special Education, Data and Grants
Phone: (585) 765-3107


About the Office of Special Education, CSE/CPSE

Lyndonville students are supported through related services, K-12 consultant teachers, K-12 co-teaching classrooms, a full day Academic Support Center, 12:1 Life Skills Class, 8:1:1 Special Education Classroom, Resource Room, and the Program for Acceptable Completion of Educational Requirements (PACER) program with full-time staff who can respond immediately to students in need of extra emotional support. In addition, school counselors and teacher leaders receive ongoing specialized coaching to ensure that Lyndonville students are provided the most up-to-date special education services available.

Behavior Support/Therapeutic Intervention Team/Student Support Services:

Aimee Chaffee, Director, CSE Chair
Penny Barry, School Psychologist, CPSE Chair
Katy Franks, CSE Chair
Jeff Kingsbury, High School Counselor
Jesse Partrick, Pre-K-12 Mental Health Prevention Counselor/Social Worker
Kim Nealon, Elementary & Grades 7/8 Counselor
James Zeliff, Dean of Students

Information for Families:

adhd flyer

To register for ADHD/Learning Differences Support Group:

Call 716-332-4170 or email

Visit for more information.

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