College Partnerships


College Partnership Credit Opportunities

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Lyndonville Central School District currently has an articulation agreement with Genesee Community College. Dual credit courses are taught in the high school by high school teachers following a syllabus that is aligned to the college curriculum. Students who satisfactorily meet the established criteria will earn college credit and receive a transcript from GCC. All students in grade 12, including students who need special education support, are enrolled in community college English where the GCC final exam is administered to ensure that all students meet high standards in ELA.

GCC Course Offerings:

  • English 101/English 105

  • Calculus

  • Spanish IV

  • Pre-Calculus

  • Public Speaking

  • Math 102

  • Computer Technology (BOCES)

  • Early Childhood Education (BOCES)

  • The Legal Academy (BOCES)

  • Tech Prep Allied Health (BOCES)