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College Visits for 2023-2024

Niagara University - Wednesday, February 28, 2024 @ 11:00 a.m.

Armed Forces Visits for 2023-2024

Army National Guard - SSG Louis Chraston - First Wednesday of the Month @ 11 a.m. starting in October

NAVY - February 16, 2024 @ 11:00 a.m.

College Search Process

Choosing a college is one of the biggest decisions that you will make, and there are many resources available to you. Please discuss your goals and ideas with your parents and counselor to begin this process.

College Applications: Seniors who have not yet completed college applications (including a safety school) should do so immediately. The Counseling Office will need to make copies of the applications and attach transcripts and recommendations in order to send them out to the college of your choice. Remember, most applications require the counselor's signature so if you need assistance please stop by and make an appointment.

Plan Your Future - Plinko Needs YOU!

All you have to do is bring your college acceptance letter into the counseling office and Mrs. Bow will make a copy of it for you. Then on Fridays, when you hear the Price is Right song, listen for your name, where you got accepted to college and what you will major in...then COME ON DOWN!!! You will get an opportunity to play on our life-sized Plinko board to win college-ready prizes based on your score. So don't delay - get those college acceptance letters into the counseling office!!

Career/College Search Software

Virtual College Field Trips

Visit a variety of colleges in the comfort of your home or school setting. At or CampusTours, go on a virtual visit to the schools that you are most interested in. Remember this is not a substitute for the actual college visit which needs to be done that before you make your final decision.

More College Links

Many colleges have their own websites which are a great source for information about admissions, programs, and access to applications. Below are sites that offer a look at a wide variety of colleges in one website.

  • - This site offers a comprehensive college/university index with good graphics and interesting resources for financial aid and scholarships. They have recently begun offering “on-line” application processing (for featured schools only).

  • - This is a free college search and information site, providing information on admissions, financial aid, tuition and more on over 6,000 colleges and universities nation-wide.

  • - Search colleges by state, major, and a host of other factors. Take a virtual tour of some colleges and ask their “experts” questions about the college admissions process.

  • - Students are able to input information about their high school program, background, interests, and receive a profile of colleges that match.

  • - By combining a database of 3,300 two-and four-year colleges with multimedia tours, CollegeView gives students and parents with a general overview of a college, plus a direct e-mail option for requesting additional information.

  • - This site includes the information on how US News ranks colleges in America.

Application Process

Students need to acquire the specific application(s) for the college(s) of interest which can be found in the Counseling and Career Center, online or requested from the specific college.

The application must be completed neatly in ink at least 7 DAYS before the application deadline, and given to Mrs. Bow in the Counseling Center along with the application fee and the completed transcript processing form.

The application is then processed by the Counseling and Career Center to include student transcript, report card, school profile and letters of recommendation. The application packet is then given to the student's counselor to review and complete as needed. Students must allow 7 days for the application to be processed.

Important Application Documents:

  • SAMPLE STUDENT RESUME: Many colleges now require a student resume (see attached sample resume) as part of the application process.

  • LETTER OF RECOMMENDATION: Letters of Recommendation are required/recommended by most colleges. In order for a student to obtain a recommendation, they must complete the student request for recommendation form (see attached form below) and give it to the appropriate teacher(s).

  • COMMON APPLICATION: Make the application process simple. Fill out one Common Application and send it any of the 300 colleges involved in this non-profit organization. Remember, the application represents you so take your time and talk with someone in the Counseling and Career Center.