July 31, 2020

Dear Lyndonville Families and Students,

I hope this letter continues to find you and your loved ones safe and sound! I would like to update you on the status of re-opening plans, and implications for the new school year. The full details of this plan may be found in the full re-opening plan, which follows this letter. Our District remains committed to providing a high quality instructional program in a safe setting that meets or exceeds all health and safety requirements.

Our Re-Opening Committee has been meeting on a regular basis to address the required components of both State Education and Department of Health guidelines for re-opening school. As stated previously, our committee has included representations from all groups (Board of Education, administration, faculty, staff, parents, community and students). I also appreciated the incredible survey results of over 550 respondents, and we used this information and results to guide our decision-making.

Our plan is to provide full in-person instruction for all students, every day! However, we are also prepared to offer a remote learning option for those families who are not comfortable returning to school under the current conditions.

To help you make that decision, I want to share with you some highlights of re-opening plans, which will also be shared at the parent meetings in August. A full copy of the plan is also posted on our website for your complete review. Please note this plan is subject to change and is not necessarily a FINAL document.

  • Face Coverings - Face coverings will need to be worn during passing times, on the bus, at arrival and dismissal, and when we cannot provide six feet of social distancing OR protective barriers in classrooms. It is our goal to reduce the requirement for face covering as much as possible by staying with current requirements. In some cases, we are assigning larger classes to larger classrooms. We are purchasing protective barriers that can be used in the classroom and lunchrooms. Disposable masks will be made available to students if needed.

  • Health Screening – These will be required for every staff member and student, and the following applies:

    • Health screenings will require daily temperate and health checks at home. If your child has a temperature of over 100.0 F, experiences a new cough, respiratory distress, vomiting or shortness of breath, she/he MUST stay home.I have been and will remain in regular contact with the Orleans County Health Department. We will continue to consult with the Health Department, as they will with us, of any suspected or confirmed cases, and respond accordingly by following all guidelines from State Education and the State Health Department.

  • Hygiene and Sanitation – Signage and proper hand and hygiene cleaning will be posted throughout the school, and students will be given direct instruction on this important practice. Hand sanitizer will be available in every classroom and stationed throughout the school.

  • Transportation - Face coverings will need to be worn on the bus and we will social distance to the extent possible. If you plan to transport your child, PLEASE indicate so on the forthcoming survey so we can plan accordingly. Buses will be cleaned and sanitized on a daily basis.

We are planning a STAGGERED start to the first day of school ONLY. In other words, not every student will start school on the same day, but within three days, ALL students will be on a regular schedule. DO NOT plan on EVERY student’s first day of school being the same, as we have done every year in the past. The purpose of this plan is to introduce our students and staff to the new procedures in a structured and safe basis.

We hope that all of you will return your children to school, but fully understand if you have concerns. Again, we are offering the option for a full remote learning program, and we ask that you make that decision for the semester by August 14, 2020.

Parent meetings will be held on August 12 and 13th, and information on those meetings has already been sent to families. Please contact us 765-3101 if you need more information on these meetings.

It remains our plan to offer FULL-IN PERSON INSTRUCTION with safety precautions in place, as this was the clear preference on our surveys. However, we are still waiting on official word from the Governor, which we expect will come sometime next week, and we will need to adjust if needed based on his decision.

For details on the various teaching and learning scenarios we were required to create, please turn to page 35 of this document OR view the Teaching and Learning section of the plan on the actual website.

Next week, each family will receive a survey to complete that will indicate your preference for your choice of instruction: either 100% in person or 100% remote. These surveys need to be returned by Friday, August 14th so we can plan accordingly.

Our District remains committed to providing a high quality instructional program in a safe setting that meets or exceeds all health and safety requirements.

As always, please contact me with questions.


Jason A. Smith



585-207-3223 (text)

TIMELINE (subject to change)

Friday, July 31: Re-Opening Plan released

Monday, August 3: Required Parent Survey released

Wednesday, August 12: Parent Meetings (see flyer)

Thursday, August 13: Parent Meetings (see flyer)

Friday, August 14: Required Parent Surveys due

Revised/Staggered Opening Week Schedule

Tuesday - 9/8

Superintendent’s Conference Day

Wednesday - 9/9

11th & 12 graders 4th - 6th graders ONLY

Thursday - 9/10

9th - 12th graders 1st - 6th graders ONLY

Friday - 9/11

7th - 12th graders PreK - 6th (all students)


Parents/Guardians please join us on

on August 12 and/or 13, 2020

for information on the reopening of school.

Registration is needed for one representative per family.

RSVP or Questions: Lori Lamay at 585-765-3101 or

Seating is limited to 100 people per time slot.

The first 50 people will report to the auditorium;

the second 50 people will report to the cafeteria for a livestream presentation.

Sessions will be live streamed and recorded.

Each time slot provides information specific to the grades listed.

August 12, 2020:

12:00 pm: PreK-6 grade

4:00 pm: 7-12 grade

7:00 pm: PreK-12 grade

August 13, 2020:

12:00 pm: 7-12 grade

4:00 pm: PreK-6 grade

7:00 pm: PreK-12 grade

Registration is required by August 7, 2020!

No walk-ins will be able to attend.

See district website after July 31 for a copy of the full reopening plan.