The Lyndonville Central School District implements a Mentor Teacher Internship Program that is meant to help the district's newest teachers feel more comfortable in their roles.

New York State schools are required to provide professional development and mentor support to new teachers. Lyndonville has a three-year induction program which ensures teachers receive the support needed to improve student achievement. Lyndonville has been offering a Mentor Teacher Internship Program for new teachers for several years, and has expanded professional development courses to include everything from classroom management to implementing new common core state standards.

New teachers are paired up with an expert senior teacher in the district. They must observe classes, as well as have mentors observe their classroom. The observation process is supportive and not evaluative. The new teachers also meet as a group once a month to learn from each other.

The goal of the program is to fully and successfully acclimate the new teachers into the professional learning community of the Lyndonville Central School District.  This program allows new teachers to fully immerse themselves in the culture and philosophy of the district and gives them guidance on issues such as classroom management, grading, curriculum and planning.