Each school and district ensures that district-wide and building-level comprehensive developmental school counseling program plans, developed under the direction of certified school counselor(s), are reviewed and updated to meet current needs.

Lyndonville’s comprehensive counseling plan was developed under the direction of a certified school counselor. It has been reviewed and will be updated by the school counselors and the advisory committee as needed. A summary of the comprehensive counseling plan will be posted on the district website.

Each school and/or district establishes an advisory council, shared decision-making, school climate team, or other collaborative working group comprised of families, students, members of the board of education, or school’s board, school building and/or district/charter leaders, community-based service providers, teachers, certified school counselors, and other pupil personnel service providers including school social workers and/or school psychologists, to inform the comprehensive developmental school counseling program plan.

The Lyndonville CSD has established an advisory council and will meet regularly to review and update the comprehensive counseling plan.